Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2 Year Stats

Aaron Stats at 2 Years Old:  39lbs, 39 inches 
He is still off the charts in both height and weight, but he is very proportionate! He's one solid little man!
We can't believe Aaron is 2 Years Old!! He has changed so much in the past year. Everyday he seems to discover something new. He is full of energy and very curious.

He is also very verbal! He has a lot to say. Of course we can't understand the majority of it! He can address everyone by name..Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, Nana, etc... He can ask for a drink of water and says "I'm Sorry." I started to write down all of the little phrases and words he says and there are just too many!

He loves Mickey Mouse and the Bubble Guppies tv shows. He likes for us to read to him and his favorite book is "The Little Red Caboose." When he says "No," he says it in a very quiet tone. (I'm sure that this will change). He will also pray with us before meals. He sort of babbles the words but always has a big finish with a very loud "AMEN!"

Aaron loves to ride his gator with Uncle Daniel (who he calls Dee'ell). He loves to be in the water and swim. He loves to eat, play, run and chase! Aaron is also more flexible than I thought he would be. He has handled change and moving so well. He also learning to be more obedient. He will hold my hand when he supposed to and will pick up some toys.

There are a few things that Aaron does NOT like. He doesn't like to come inside at the end of playtime. He's not a fan of getting out of the bathtub or pool. He really does not like getting his diaper changed or having to sit still for very long. He does not like being physically controlled in any way. He does occasionally have to go to Time Out...and he really does not like it at all!

Overall, Aaron is an amazing little 2 year old. He is so much fun and so exhausting all at the same time! He is full of personality and we wouldn't want it any other way. We love him so very much! Can't wait to see what the next year will bring!

Zak & Heather's Wedding

What a joyous time for our family! We were so blessed to welcome Heather into our little Colburn family this month! They had a beautiful wedding and a fun weekend full of celebration!

One of my all time favorite pics! Jarrett, Aaron and Uncle Zak at the rehearsal dinner!

 The beautiful bride with Aaron!

 Such a neat venue for their special day!

Here we are before the you can tell we were a little toasty! It tends to be over 100 in Oklahoma in July!!!

 Such a cute couple!

Love this pic of my parents! They are always the life of any party!! Such a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Aaron's Birthday (Part Two)

The Party!
We had only met a few people in town since we moved, so we weren't sure about having a party. But the week before Aaron's birthday at church I decided this would be a great way to get to know some of our new friends! And luckily they were sweet enough to come on short notice to a child's birthday that they had never met :)
The Lair family and the Latta family have been such a blessing to us! And it all started with a little cake and ice cream.
Here's Aaron, Caleb, Brody, and sweet Ellie (the only girl) eating lunch! I missed Daniel and Ty in this pic :(

Have I mentioned that Aaron loves to eat! He ate 3 times as much as some of the other kids! It's kind of amazing to see. And also a little scary--how tall will he be??

Time for cake and ice cream! I don't know what I was thinking--a white birthday shirt with red and black icing???? Not the best plan...but it sure was fun!

Brody Latta is a boy after my own heart! He loves his sweets! All of the other kids had moved on and we were cleaning up..and he was still enjoying his cake and ice cream! We love Brody!

Time for presents! Aaron got lots of great things! New tractors, books, clothes, toys that have wheels! What more could a boy ask for!

Aaron was the youngest boy at the of course the older boys had to help out and show him how to do it!

We were still eating cake and cookies for days to come! It was so messy! But as you can see, he was one happy 2 year old boy!

Aaron turns 2! (Part One)

On July 14, our sweet Aaron turned 2! It's crazy to think about how fast he is changing and growing up. Since we just made our big move to Kansas, my plan for Aaron's birthday was to keep it simple. As you can see from the next million pictures...I somehow lost track of simple and went a little more overboard than originally planned :)
Aaron LOVES Mickey Mouse! He loves to watch the shows and read the books. He loves anything and everything Mickey. So naturally I had to have a little bit of a theme. The problem was it sort of took off and turned into a real party!
 I found a great cake bakery in Wichita who put this cake together for me on very short notice! Aaron and the other kids loved it! (But I don't think I'll ever do black icing again--you'll see why in the next blog post).


I found adorable Mickey party decor on Etsy (of course). Each child that came to the party got to take home a Disney straw and cup!

 I know, I know...overboard...but it was just too fun!

Again, Etsy is the best for all things related to children's birthday parties! I probably could have made these my self--but my train of thought is that if someone else will take the time to do it...I'll let them!

As you can see, it's dark outside! My wonderful Mom and husband helped get everything ready the night before. So I took pictures before the Path of Destruction (Aaron) woke up!

 On the morning of Aaron's birthday (and party) we decided to steal a cute idea from my sweet friend Laura! We snuck into his room and filled it with balloons! When he woke up we went in and sang to him and played with the balloons. I think he was a little confused at first but got excited as he saw we were so excited!

When Aaron came out of his room, we immediately directed him towards the giant Mickey balloon. He could not believe that Mickey was in the living room! He was pretty pumped about it! And this big Mickey balloon lived in our house for a long long time.


A quick family pic before the big party! Of course Aaron was not smiling...that's just how it is!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy 4th of July

We had such a fun 4th of July this year! We got to celebrate a little early with Grandpa Carl, Granny D, Uncle Daniel, Grammy and MaMaw. Grandpa Carl went a little crazy and bought up a ton of fireworks! The boys had fun watching the little sparklers and smokers goo off! We saved the big fireworks for Jarrett and his brother Brandon to shoot off later! It's amazing to live so far out in the country and to be able make as much noise as you want!
Grandpa Carl showing Aaron a firework after it had been used...I was a little nervous about all of this to say the least :) 

MaMaw and Grammy

Jarrett showing Aaron how to light a sparkler....uggghh...

It was literally 100+ degrees and the boys got hot pretty fast! So they came in for a quick water break!
On the actual 4th of July we went to a local park and let Aaron play. It was so hot, and we were the only family there :( He had a ball though!  And then later that night we went to the fireworks show out at the lake. And it was the BEST fireworks show that I have ever seen! Amazing! Can't wait for next year!

My patriotic cuties :)

A rare Mommy and Aaron pic!

Such a happy boy! I'm kind of in love with this sweet little man. What a joy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yee Haw!!!

Recently, Jarrett's grandma (MaMaw) gave us this hat....she's so sweet and thought that maybe Jarrett could wear it while he's working. Needless to say, it was a little small for Jarrett...but Aaron loves it!! He has never worn a hat for us before. We have tried every kind of hat and he always just pulls them off. But for some reason he loves this hat! And he always thinks he has to ride his horse when he wears's pretty cute!

He'll even say Yee-Haw and Getty Up!! It's so entertaining to watch him have so much fun! Thanks MaMaw for helping us make these fun memories!